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Awareness!® The Headphone App

Gives Your Headphones Ears®

Lets you listen to music and talk to your friends simultaneously

Don’t be a Headphone Zombie! Awareness!® listens for danger when you can’t!

Do you run to Music? hear that bus before it flattens you!

Awareness!® is an innovative Headphone App for anyone who wears headphones or earphones in public, it listens to your surroundings while you listen to music and plays any sound louder than normal background noise into your headphones.

Out now on Google Play and Amazon!
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Awareness headphone app FAQ's


From hearing that truck while it’s still down the road, to hearing when someone asks if you’d like a cup of coffee or when the doorbell rings, Awareness!® gives your headphones ears! Maintain audio awareness for better safety in any surroundings Use with music, videos, games and audiobooks Use while traveling, in the office, at home, at the gym or just about anywhere Works with all headphones and earphones (except Bluetooth or wireless) Ideal for noise-isolating and noise-cancelling headsets Read On…

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